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WP 3D Thingviewer

3D Thingviewer

This plugin provide a fully customizable 3D model files viewer to embedd your STL models on your WordPress pages or posts.

Gutenberg support

You can add the Thingviewer shortcode into the page or post with the block editor, without writing the shortcode manually.

Woocommerce integration

You can add a 3D model to your product ad display the thingviewer into the product page. In the product backend will be added a 3d model price calculator too (embedded from https://www.omnicalculator.com)

Multiple viewers

You can insert multiple thingviewers in the same page, with different models.

Model preview image

You can setup a preview image for the model to be displayed in hte thingviewer at page loading. This reduce the page loading time in pages with multiple thingviewers.

Background image

You can setup a image for the thingviewer in 360 Panorama format. The image will be used as background for the thingviewer and will rotate with the scene.

Mobile devices compatible

The thingviewer is compatible with touch on mobile devices.

Multiple file format

You can load your 3D models in STL, OBJ, FBX and GLB (with textures) file format into WordPress media.


By using the plugin shortcode generator, you can embed the thingviewer into you pages or posts.

Configuration page

Customizations of the thingviewer appearance and functionalities can be done from configuration page.

Support Popup Anything plugin

You can insert the plugin shortcode into a Popup Anything modal window.

Camera auto-rotation

Camera auto rotation button let you star the rotation around Y-axis of the camera.

Pan rotate and zoom

In the thingviewer you can pan, rotate and zoom the camera (with mouse or with keyboard).

Help window

Help window button to display the mouse and keyboard commands to operate the thingviewer.

Info window

Info window button display some useful information about the loaded model, like surface are, volume, bounding box.

Fullscreen button

Fullscreen button let you switch to fullscreen mode. You can go back to the "windowed" mode by clicking on the "close" button.

Bounding box

Bounding box button display around the loaded model a wireframe bounding box.

WP Live Content Filter

Input box to filter

This plugin provide an input box to filter a specified DOM selector (like `.products li` or `item`) and hide those who does not contain the inputed text. User start writing into the input box and the plugin start filtering the DOM elements, hiding those who does not contain filter text.

Preset filtering button

Filtering can be done with preset words buttons which fill automatically the filter with customized words.


The plugin work with a shortcode which let the user customize pratically all the parameters.

Woocommerce integration

It is possible to integrate the filter into the Woocommerce product page: in this case the customization can be made via configuration page.

Sorting function

In addition the plugin let you order the filtered element in ascendig or descending order the filtered resulting elements and change the layout (list or grid) of the elements.

Configuration page

Customizations of the filter box appearance and the animation parameters can be done from configuration page.